As a precautionary measure concerning COVID-19, Thapar Polytechnic College Patiala has decided that all classes, examinations and public gatherings will remain suspended in its campus till May 17,2020.                   However students are required to attend online classes regularly, for which the schedule is shared with them from time to time.

Blood Donation Camp


Your one unit of donated blood can save up to three valuable lives. Blood donation is an act of kindness; we all must do in order to save life of a fellow human being. Voluntary blood donation is the greatest gift you can give to humanity. Donating blood also does wonders to your health. It keeps the heart and liver healthy, manages your weight and adds to your longevity. Above all, the feeling of satisfaction of helping someone needy is the best feeling one can have by donating blood.
A blood donation camp was organized at Thapar Polytechnic College Patiala on 15.10.2019 in association with Govt. Rajindra Hospital Patiala. All the staff members and students took part in it. Total 56 units of blood was donated to Govt. Rajindra Hospital Patiala.

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