Student Discipline Committee


1. To inculcate the habit of maintaining discipline by guidance and counselling the students
2. To provide a very disciplined and peaceful atmosphere for pursuance of study.
3. To maintain student discipline during the working hours of TPC


1. Ms. Dr. Ritu Jindal
2. Ms. Sukhwinder Kaur
3. Ms. Sangeeta Goel
4. Mr. Vijay Sharma (Hostel Warden Boys)
5. Mr. Rajesh Premi


1. Advice to students not to indulge in indiscipline.
2. Written warning to students for minor offences not amounting to physical loss to property and persons.
3. Fine for medium offences like minor scuffle and small damage to polytechnic property as proposed by Discipline Committee ang approved by the Prinipal.
4. Suspension from class and fine for fighting in class and verbal dual with teachers.
5. Major punishments of rustication for major offences like participation in leading a group of students for mass fighting/ fighting in individual and misbehaviour with the teacher.

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